For More Information or questions, please contact:
Program Director: Dr. Jennifer Hargrave
Phone: 337-482-0678

About Us

Program Background

Lafayette, Louisiana, has long been a major player in the petroleum exploration and production market in the state.  To keep the workforce pipeline strong for this sector, UL Lafayette School of Geosciences, together with the Halliburton Foundation, is looking to target top high school students in the region for a summer program highlighting the career options and possibilities that come with a geology degree.

Program Description

Over the five-day program, starting on a Monday and culminating in a field trip on Friday, the students will meet at UL Lafayette from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. Snacks and lunch will be provided daily as well as transportation for off site visits. Three Geology professors and one geology TA will oversee planning and implementation of the camp during the week of July 13th, 2020. The students will actively learn geology basics and work with the professors on research projects.

Day 1: Petroleum Systems Overview

Participants will be introduced to geology and petroleum systems.


Day 2: Avery Island Excursion

Field trip to river meanders in North Lafayette and Avery Island.  Discussion topics will include channel deposits and salt tectonics.


Day 3: Introduction to Data Sources and Interpretation, I

Participants will learn the basics of core and seismic analysis and complete hands-on interpretation of data sets. 


Day 4: Introduction to Data Sources and Interpretation, II

Participants will learn the basics of paleontology and complete hands-on interpretation of data sets.   This will include a visit to the UL Geology Museum, located in downtown Lafayette. The afternoon will conclude with a panel discussion.  


Day 5: Field Trip Finale

Field trip to localities in southwestern Louisiana to look at modern day sedimentary features that are also preserved in the subsurface.

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